First LBEG Brown Bag Workshop at KCL

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On 4th December 2014, 5-7pm, we had the first LBEG work-in-progress seminar, hosted at King’s College London, Strand Campus, and organised by Dr Elisa Cavatorta (KCL).
The idea is to have regular occasions, once per term, where members of our group can present early stage experimental work in order to receive feedback and suggestions prior to finalize design, analysis, or writing. As such, the work-in-progress seminars appeal to not yet polished projects which are usually presented at external seminars or conferences.
They are also perfect occasions for sharing ideas and different perspectives in an informal environment, and to foster research collaborations among us.
Four projects were presented, each one given about 15 minutes for presentation, and 15 minutes for comments.
Dr Natalie Gold (KCL) discussed her project on “Friends and future selves: the relationship between choice over time and sociality”; Dr Jeroen Nieboer (LSE) talked on “Decisions under risk from experience in an insurance context”; Prof. Shaun Hargreaves-Heap (KCL) presented a project on “Conformism”; while Dr Ismael Rodriguez-Lara (Middlesex) discussed an experiment on “Coordinated punishment”.
The seminar was well attended and each project received thorough and very constructive comments and suggestions, in a collaborative and friendly atmosphere.
As usual, we then headed for dinner out all together, and spent a great evening talking in front of delicious Thai food (and wine…). Congratulations and many thanks to Elisa for having organised this other very successful event!

First London PhD Experimental Workshop at Middlesex

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On 1st December 2014, 10am-5pm, we had the first London PhD Experimental (LPEx) Workshop, funded by the ESRC, hosted at Middlesex University, and organised by Lara Ezquerra Guerra (Middlesex), Celia Blanco Jimenez (Royal Holloway), and Theodoros Alysandratos (Royal Holloway).
The idea is to have regular occasions where PhD students (and not just in London) can present their experimental research to receive feedback and suggestions, as well as to practice for conference presentations and job talks. The workshop is also a perfect occasion for sharing ideas in an informal and friendly environment, and to foster research collaborations among PhD students, and between PhD students and more experienced experimentalists.
The workshop hosted an invited talk by Jason Shachat (Durham) on “Discrete rule learning and the bidding of the sexes”. A total of 9 PhD projects were then presented, each one given about 30 minutes for presentation and comments.
Andreas Friedl (Institute for the World Economy in Kiel) discussed his project on “Social reference points and risk taking”; Liang Lu (UEA) talked about “The effect of endogenous fines and detection probabilities on cartel formation and price”; Lara Ezquerra Guerra (Middlesex) presented “Sizes and resources limitations within teams”; XiaoYu Zhou (Royal Holloway) discussed “Does testosterone promote status seeking behaviour?”; Georgia Michailidou (Nottingham) talked about “Distributive justice and relative economic status: experimental evidence from Athens”; Daniel Derbyshire (Birmingham) presented his project “Sequential equilibrium and moral hazard auctions”; Carsten Crede (UEA) discussed “Transition from explicit to tacit collusion and the bias in cartel damage estimates”; Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt (Dusseldorf) talked about “Exchange asymmetries for bads? Experimental evidence”; and finally, Zhara Murad (Surrey) presented “Multitasking incentives in gift exchange settings”.
The seminar was very well attended, also by more experienced experimentalists from many London universities, and each project received thorough and very constructive comments and suggestions, all in a collaborative and helpful atmosphere.
As usual in our group, we ended up in having informal discussions over drinks and eventually dinner. Congratulations and many thanks to Lara, Celia, and Theo for having organised this other highly successful event!

Second LBEG seminar with Prof. Graham Loomes and Prof. Nick Vriend

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On Thursday 13th November 2014 (5-7pm), we had a very interesting and well-attended Second LBEG seminar, at Senate House Library (Malet Street, WC1E 7HU, Seng Teng Lee Centre).
It was really a great pleasure and privilege to have the opportunity to meet Prof. Graham Loomes (Warwick Business School), who gave a talk on “Looking for ‘attitudes to ambiguity’ in a strategic setting”.
The London behavioural and experimental speaker was Prof. Nick Vriend (QMUL) who gave a talk on “Social identity and punishment in a minimum effort game”.
As usual, we then went for drinks and dinner with the two speakers (nice Greek food this time…). Thank you very much to Graham and Nick for making it another successful LBEG event!

Special lecture by Prof. John List

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Professor John List, Homer J. Livingston Professor of Economics and Chairman of the Department of Economics at the University of Chicago, gave a very inspiring special lecture on “Field Experiments in Economics” at the LSE on Friday 17th October.

The special talk by Prof. John List, a world-leading pioneer of field experiments, was introduced by Dr Robert Metcalfe, who is working with him at the Becker Friedman Institute at the University of Chicago.

The talk and the drinks afterwards were a perfect occasion for the speakers to meet our London Behavioural and Experimental Group. It was a great privilege and honour to have Prof. List that night: everybody was impressed by his enthusiasm to meet and speak with the many of us at the event. Many thanks to John, Rob and all who attended the event and made it another success for the LBEG.

The talk by Professor John List was part of the LSE Behavioural Science Special Events. The event, hosted by the Department of Social Policy and co-sponsored by the ESRC, was open to a selected group of key decision-makers in the public and private sector in London. Previous LSE Behavioural Science special events include talks by Professors George Loewenstein, Cass Sunstein, and Robert Cialdini.

The special event was also a nice opportunity to meet few more experimentalist fellows from the London universities who decided to also join our LBEG group.

The special lecture by Professor John List also ‘kicked-off’ the new series of seminars in Behavioural Economics at the LSE. Rob Metcalfe will present next, on Thursday 30th October.



Peter Wakker/Shaun Hargreaves Heap seminar

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Yesterday was the first LBEG seminar at the Senate House – thanks for all who attended and made it a success. The talks from Peter Wakker and Shaun Hargreaves Heap were very well received and there was lots of debate, both before and after the seminar. It was very fitting that the talks – one on individual decision-making and the other on pro-sociality – covered both “sides of behavioural economics”, as Prof. Hargreaves Heap remarked in his talk.

We were pleased to see that the seminar attracted many young researchers from various London universities – a sign that behavioural and experimental economics is a field with an exciting future in London. We look forward to seeing you again at the next seminar with Graham Loomes as our external speaker.

The paper that Prof. Wakker presented in his talk can be found here.