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Special lecture by Prof. Max Bazerman: September 1

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Max Bazerman

Professor Max Bazerman, Jesse Isidor Strauss professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, will be giving a talk at LSE on September the 1st, 2015. Prof. Bazerman will be speaking on “The Morality of Joint versus Separate Decisions”.

Date/time: September 1, 5:00-6:30pm
Location: LSE Tower 1, lecture theatre TW1.G.01

We look forward to welcoming you at LSE for this talk. Over the course of his impressive career, Prof. Bazerman has made key contributions to our understanding of negotiation, a wide range of ethical issues and decision making. We are honoured to have him as our guest.

We advise you to arrive about 10 minutes early so you’re guaranteed a seat. Please note that Houghton Street is closed due to construction work – you can access Tower 1 from the Aldwych entrance next to the Royal Courts of Justice (both Tower 1 and the campus entrance are encircled on the map below).

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Special lecture by Prof. John List

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Professor John List, Homer J. Livingston Professor of Economics and Chairman of the Department of Economics at the University of Chicago, gave a very inspiring special lecture on “Field Experiments in Economics” at the LSE on Friday 17th October.

The special talk by Prof. John List, a world-leading pioneer of field experiments, was introduced by Dr Robert Metcalfe, who is working with him at the Becker Friedman Institute at the University of Chicago.

The talk and the drinks afterwards were a perfect occasion for the speakers to meet our London Behavioural and Experimental Group. It was a great privilege and honour to have Prof. List that night: everybody was impressed by his enthusiasm to meet and speak with the many of us at the event. Many thanks to John, Rob and all who attended the event and made it another success for the LBEG.

The talk by Professor John List was part of the LSE Behavioural Science Special Events. The event, hosted by the Department of Social Policy and co-sponsored by the ESRC, was open to a selected group of key decision-makers in the public and private sector in London. Previous LSE Behavioural Science special events include talks by Professors George Loewenstein, Cass Sunstein, and Robert Cialdini.

The special event was also a nice opportunity to meet few more experimentalist fellows from the London universities who decided to also join our LBEG group.

The special lecture by Professor John List also ‘kicked-off’ the new series of seminars in Behavioural Economics at the LSE. Rob Metcalfe will present next, on Thursday 30th October.