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London Experimental Week 2015

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This year the LBEG has launched the London Experimental Week (LEWeek):
The LEWeek is a series of research and knowledge exchange activities in the week between Monday 30th November and Friday 4th December 2015, including conferences, seminars, book presentations, academics-practitioners roundtables, PhD workshops, and similar.
It will start with the LBEG Seminar on Monday 30th at the LSE, will continue with two workshops on Randomized Controlled Trials, one academics-practitioners roundtable, and one book presentation at Middlesex, and will end with the London PhD Experimental Economics (LPEx) Workshop on Friday 4th December at Royal Holloway.
Speakers will include Orazio Attanasio (UCL), Daniel Berry (NHS England), Tim Chadborn (Public Health England), Stefan Dercon (Oxford, DFID), Benedikt Herrmann (Nottingham, European Commission), Aniol Llorente-Saguer (QMUL), Alison Mclean (Swiss Re), Rosemarie Nagel (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), Giovanni Ponti (Alicante, LUISS), Eyal Winter (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Leicester).
See you all at the London Experimental Week!