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Fourth LBEG seminar with Prof. Colin Camerer and Prof. Antonio Cabrales

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On Tuesday 3rd March 2015 (5.30-7.30pm), we had an exciting and very well-attended Fourth LBEG seminar, this time at the LSE (Graham Wallace Room, 5th Floor, Old Building, LSE, Houghton Street, WC2A 2AE). It was really a great privilege and pleasure to have the opportunity to interact with two leading experimental and behavioural researchers. The guest speaker was Prof. Colin Camerer (Caltech), who gave a talk on “Neuroeconomics of experimental stock price bubbles”.
The London speaker was Prof. Antonio Cabrales (UCL) who gave a talk on “Can there be a market for cheap-talk information? Some experimental evidence”.
The seminar room was literally packed of people, and it was good to see so many experimental and behavioural colleagues coming together from all around London to listen to the two amazing talks.
As usual, we then went for dinner with the two speakers (nice modern Korean food this time…). Thank you very much to Antonio and Colin for making it an impressive LBEG event!